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This exciting new Italian restaurant is one of the very few authentic Italian restaurants in Chichester and offers a friendly and informal environment in which to enjoy great food with family and friends. Offering a rustic, casual menu including freshly made pizza, pasta and other fabulous fare. Using the finest Italian ingredients from a local Italian supplier, our pizzas are made from scratch and by hand by our very own Pizzaiolo Dorielli, whilst Achim and his team create delicious, fresh pasta dishes for you to devour.

Having only been open for just over a year, the Cider House Kitchen has become one of many popular places to eat in Chichester and is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner – ideal for both visitors and locals alike.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 12-2:30pm & 5:30-9pm
Saturday: 12 – 9pm
Sunday: 12 – 8pm

Please note that we will be CLOSED on Christmas Day

What the Cider House Kitchen offers

  • Relaxed and informal dining
  • Excellent rustic food freshly prepared by our award-winning chefs
  • Fresh, local ingredients
  • A selection of Italian wines & beers
  • Gluten Free pizzas available
  • Children’s menu
  • A selection of soft drinks
  • Milkshakes available
  • Vegetarian, vegan and special dietary requirements catered for. Please let us know when booking.
  • Open to the public for lunch and dinner

Dare to double pizza?

Double up with our fresh handmade pizzas for main course and end the meal on a sweet note with our delicious Mela Cotta – an Italian style apple pie made with our light pizza dough!

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Olives | 3.5 (v)

Bread Focaccia or Dough Sticks | 4 (v)

Bruschetta | 6
Tomato, onions, glazed vinegar  & basil
OR chicken liver pate
OR garlic mushroom on a soft cheese base
OR smoked salmon on a soft cheese base

Fiore di Bufala | 8.5 (v)
Focaccia with bufala, cherry tomato, peppers & olives

Carpaccio Tricolore | 10.5
Beef carpaccio, rocket, buffalo cheese topped with cherry tomatoes, olives and grana cheese

Crostini di Pesce | 8
A rich tomato sauce with mullet and mackerel served on crostini of focaccia

Tagliere Grande | 16
Focaccia bread, selection of cured meats and cheeses, caramelised onions, bruschetta, olives

Bruschetta Sfiziosa | 15
Melted Taleggio cheese with peppers and courgette, topped with a selection of cured meats

Garlic Pizza Focaccia | 10

Mixed Bruschetta | 10
Tomato and basil, chicken liver pate, mushroom and smoked salmon

Pizza Focaccia Semplice | 13
Bufala mozzarella, spinata salami and artichoke

Marinara | 9
Pizza base with tomato sauce, garlic and oregano

Pizze Classica

Tomato, mozzarella | 10

Prosciutto Funghi
Ham & mushroom | 12

Pepperoni | 12.5

Tonno & Cipolla
Tuna & red onions | 11

Quattro Formaggi
Gorgonzola, provolone, goats cheese | 12

Quattro Stagioni
Artichoke, ham, olives, mushrooms | 13

Ham & pineapple | 12.5

Chicken, sweetcorn, peppers | 12

Pizze with a Twist

Schiacciata Cruda | 12.5
Sun-blushed tomatoes, shaved parmesan, Parma ham, rocket

Schiacciata Verdure | 11 (v)
Aubergine, courgette, peppers, red onions

Schiacciata di Pollo * | 13.5
Chicken, mushroom & porchetta

Schiacciata di Porchetta * | 14
Porchetta, sun-blushed tomatoes, mozzarella bufala and hot dog sausage

Fagotto All’uovo * | 12.5
Sausage, spinach, egg, spinata

Calzone | 10 | 11.5
Tomato & mozzarella (v) OR add ham & mushroom

* have these pizzas on a normal base for an extra £1.5

Pizze Chef's Creations

Diavola | 13.5 (s)
Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni, roquito, jalapenos

Verdure | 12.5 (v)
Aubergine, courgette, peppers, red onions

Cruda | 14
Sun-blushed tomatoes, parmesan, Parma ham,

CHK | 13.5
Ham, pepperoni, mushroom, olives, peppers, red

Americana | 12.5
Hot dog sausage, Italian sausage, red onions,

Pescatore | 12.5
Tuna, anchovies, spring onions, capers

Crouchers | 14.5
Italian sausage, nduja, peppers, spinach, spring onions, gorgonzola and spinatta piccante

Piccante | 14
Pepperoni, capers, red onion, peppers, olives, Gorgonzola

Fuoco Rosso | 14 (ss)
Chicken, nduja, caramelised onions, roquito, jalapenos, sun-blushed tomatoes

Rustica | 13
Spinach, Gorgonzola, pepperoni

Vivere | 14
Eggs, spring onions, porchetta, shaved parmesan

Passione | 13.5
Gorgonzola, goats cheese, salami and porchetta

Pizza Bonta | 13.5
Hard boiled egg, asparagus, sliced pancetta and grana cheese

Pizze Bianca

To maximise the flavour of the toppings, we feel that these work best with a cream cheese sauce base instead of the tomato sauce base.

Cherry tomatoes, goats cheese, courgette, artichoke, caramelised onions | 12.5

Brie, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, courgette | 12.5

Anchovies, pepperoni, capers, red onion | 12

Pizza Focaccia Semplice | 13
Bufala mozzarella, spinata salami, artichoke

Delizia | 13
Gogonzola, pear and prosciutto

Pasta and Mains

Lasagna Tradizionale | 13.5
Mixed beef and pork mince, tomato sauce and besciamella

Lasagna Vegetariana | 11.5 (v)
Butternut squash, aubergine, courgette, peppers, radicchio, tomato sauce and besciamella

Tagliolino Saporito | 12.5
Tomato sauce with courgette, olive, pepper and scamorza cheese

Risotto di Pesce | 14
Baby prawns, salmon, mullet, mackerel, cherry tomato and tenderstem broccoli

Tagliolini di Mare | 14
Squid ink tagliolini, clams, cray fish, crab, tiger prawns

Ghnocchetti Arrabiata | 14 (ss)
Rich tomato sauce with chillies, olive, chicken and nduja

Carbonara | 13.5
Traditional Italian carbonara with pancetta, guanciale, eggs and pecorino cheese

Tagliolini Paglia e Fieno al Salmone  | 14
Smoked and fresh salmon, capers, parsley, cherry tomatoes – beurre noisette

Pappardelle della Casa | 13
Rich tomato sauce with pancetta, guanciale, peppers, pecorino cheese and spinach

Gnocchi ai Formaggio e Basilico | 13
Gorgonzola and taleggio cheese, pine nuts and fresh basil

Gnocchi Piccante | 14.5
Beef fillet, nduja, gorgonzola and cherry tomatoes

Gnocco Saporito | 12.50
Courgette, peppers, olives, tomato sauce & scamorza

All pasta available with either Ragu bolognese or Tomato Sauce | 11.5


Pizzaiola | 18.5 (t)
Pork Scalope and Provolone covered in a rich tomato, caper and olive sauce, tenderstem broccoli and roast potatoes

Orata | 19.5 (t)
Pan fried fillets of sea bream with roasted potatoes and tenderstem broccoli

Scaloppina Verde | 17.5 (t)
Pork scalope stir fried with asparagus and served with roasted potatoes and cherry tomatoes


Rocket & Parmesan | 6.5

Seasonal Salad | 6.5

Tomato and red onion salad | 5.5

Festa di tonno
Tuna, cherry tomatoes, red onion, scamorza, rocket and olives | 9

Sapore Pieno
Baby gem, rocket, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, anchovies and baby prawns | 9.5


Made with delicious ice cream. They may not be Italian, but they’re local and delicious!

Vanilla | 4.5

Chocolate | 4.5

Strawberry | 4.5

Blueberry | 4.5

Stracciatella | 4.5


Tiramisu | 6.5

Salame al Cioccollato
Served with custard cream | 6.5

Mela Cotta | 8.5
A delicious Italian style apple pie to share cooked with cinnamon and honey served with straciatella ice cream

Torta di Cioccolato
with vanilla cream | 7.5

Ice cream | 4.5
Bourbon Vanilla
Strawberries and Cream
Belgian Chocolate

Wine List

Wines by the Glass & Bottle

175ml | 250ml | Bottle


Pinot Grigio, Italy
4.5 | 6.5 | 18

Pecorino, Villamedoro, Italy
6.5 | 9 | 26

Gavi del Commune di Gavi, DOCG, Italy
8 | 10.5 | 30

Sauvignon Blanc, Cielo, Italy
5 | 7 | 19.5

Carlomagno Fiano, Italy
5.5 | 8 | 23



Capriano Merlot IGT Veneto, Italy
4.5 | 6.5 | 18

Barbanera rosso di Montepulciano DOC, Italy
6.5 | 9 | 27

Rupe Secca Nero d’Avola DOCG, Italy
5.5 | 8 | 23

Primitivo, Italy
6 | 8.5 | 24



2017 Racine, Côtes de Provence, Bruno Lafon, France.
6.5 | 9.5 | 26



125ml | Bottle

N.V. Amori Prosecco Spumante DOC, Trento, Italy. Vegan.
6 | 28

N.V. Baron De Beaupré, Brut, Éperny, France. Vegetarian.

Di Maria Prosecco Rosato Veneto

All of our wines by the glass are available in 125ml

All produce is purchased daily and menu items may vary according to availability on the day. If you have any special dietary requirements, please speak with a member of staff.

“Best Pizza in West Sussex - Such good value for money, the food was delightful and the service was good too. Can’t fault it and am looking forward to going back!”

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