Don’t get your tinsel in a twist!

By 21st December 2018 No Comments

Our top tips and tricks on table decorations for the big day.

Now, we all know that Christmas is a time for family and being together so make your Christmas dinner one to remember with our styling tips for decking your tables – making them not only impressive but Instagram worthy!

Our ‘go-to’ for a festive centerpiece is some winter foliage with seasonal berries to add a splash of colour. Perhaps spray some of your foliage with white snow to make it especially wintry. Plait the foliage and even intertwine some delicate fairy lights to really add some sparkle – battery powered lights are recommended.

Don’t forget the little touches!
We recommend using some thick red ribbon for napkin holders. Simply roll your linen napkin and tie a beautiful bow round it to keep it in place. Not only does this add colour, it allows the little things to be blessed with Christmas spirit too! ┬áIf red isn’t your colour scheme this year, just choose an alternative colour ribbon and get creative!

If cosy candles are what you’re after, we love to use empty wine bottles!
If you’re having a celebratory tipple on Christmas Eve, keep the bottle and use it the next day. Wash it out and place a tall, thin candle in the neck of the bottle. Light and away you go! You’ll end up with a stunning candle holder like the ones we have in our Potager restaurant. For the best results, 3 bottles grouped together make for a beautiful display on a side-board mantelpiece. Go the extra mile and add some ribbon to the neck of the bottles in a large bow to match your napkins, it’ll look both festive and organised!

We’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of us here at Crouchers Orchards!