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How to make a good holiday great

By 26th March 2015 No Comments
Earlier this month, you may have read a news story about a 3750-year-old carving; a customer service complaint originating in ancient Mesopotamia. Ok, it wasn’t quite like those awful reviews on TripAdvisor that we’ve all seen, but it does serve to highlight the importance of maintaining great customer service. Even thousands of years ago, people still wanted to be treated with respect for their custom.

Customer service is just one aspect of a holiday that makes a good trip great. After all, receiving a poor reception at the reception is only going to blight the entire experience. You want to feel looked after, cared for, understood and your every need served by capable, knowledgeable staff.

As one of the finest hotels in Chichester, we like to think we know a thing or two about getting the most out of your vacation. So here are our top tips to turning a good holiday into a great one, one you’ll never forget.

Research and research

Every tourist destination, from Tunisia to Torquay, has secret little spots that a lot of people don’t know about. With a little research, you can discover hitherto unknown locations to call your own. Hidden gardens, lip-smackingly delicious eateries and spiffing landscape scenery that create a holiday unique to you. All you’ve got to do is hunt them down.

A fresh perspective

If you’re returning to the same spot for your vacation, there’s a chance you’ll fall into habit and routine. Yes, that quaint little pub does offer an excellent mixed grill; those beaches are sandier than any other, but what about everything you’re not seeing by visiting the same places again and again? On your next holiday, why not pledge to see something you’ve never seen before? Embrace that spirit of adventure.

A new experience

Speaking of the spirit of adventure, why not aim to do something you’ve never done too? It’s all very well seeing new things, but doing new things will only serve to enhance your holiday. Once you’ve researched where you’re going, cook up a list of things you’d like to try but never have. Maybe that’s horse-riding, maybe it’s hang-gliding, or simply walking a certain stretch of this green and pleasant land. Whatever it is, try it!

Bond with loved ones

Ok, so far we’ve talked about things to do – but that’s not all holidays are. It’s a time to spend with the family, building quality bonds. So when planning activities, make sure it’s something the whole family can enjoy! If there’s something you really, really wish to do that isn’t family-friendly, balance that out by doing something that’s kid-centric too.

Create a tradition

Traditions are great for holidays – it gives everybody something to look forward to. If you don’t have a tradition already, now’s the chance to create one that’s unique for you and your loved ones. Perhaps you could collect postcards of the area, or take a family photograph at an iconic location (or pulling the silliest face!) or even make a holiday cocktail. Whatever it is, it’ll bring you and your loved ones together, and helps put your own stamp on a holiday.


Look, vacations can be manic. You work so hard to squeeze every last drop out of your holiday that you end up forgetting why you went away in the first place. So on at least one day, stop, take a deep breath, and just relax. Enjoy the countryside, soak up the sun, read that book you’ve always meant to but never got ‘round to reading. Having a little you time is precisely what a holiday is about.

Where better to relax than at a charming country hotel like Crouchers, nestled in the countryside, close to the historic city of Chichester? We’d be absolutely delighted to meet you and help craft the holiday you deserve. For more information, simply contact us on 01243 784 995 and our cheerful staff will be happy to assist with your enquiries.