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How to pack effectively for a holiday

By 13th August 2015 No Comments
The holidays are now in full swing and we’re sure that the majority of you have been enjoying some of the lovely weather that we have been experiencing.

Along with holiday season comes the huge chore that we all like to put off until the last minute; packing. It’s the bane of our lives, but we have to pull ourselves together and soldier on through the boredom and indecisiveness that comes along with choosing what you want-or need- to take with you on a holiday.

To give you a little bit of a head start, we’ve put together a short guide on how to pack effectively for a holiday or get away, including some things you should remember to pack… and others that you really don’t need!

Make a list

It might seem a little obvious, but writing a list of what you really need to take and what you would like to take can really help when it comes to figuring out what is essential and what isn’t.

Having a visual prompt will also allow you to pinpoint anything that you may have missed out, too!

Prepare a first aid kit

Make sure that you take a few medical supplies with you. We don’t mean pack a bag with every kind of medicine under the sun, but thinking about packing some remedies such as pain relief is a must.

You may be able to pick up these supplies easily at home, but you never know when someone may begin to feel ill or what stores will be around your holiday destination that can provide such remedies.

Think about shoe choices

Believe it or not, you don’t need to pack your entire shoe collection. Shoes take up a lot of unnecessary space so be sure to only pack the most necessary footwear for your trip so you aren’t hiking up a mountain in flat sandals or hitting the beach in boots.

Make sure you think about the activities that you will be getting up to while you are away, and plan what footwear you are going to take around that.

Also, try stuffing your socks in your shoes when packing- you’ll save a bit more space!

Keep your toiletries to a minimum

It’s tempting to pack your favourite shampoo and conditioner, but is it really worth taking up the extra space?

Chances are, you’ll be able to pick up some toiletries at your holiday destination, or better still, your accommodation may provide them in your room.

If you feel like you really need to take something, try and only take as much of the product as you will need. You don’t need to take the whole tub of face cream if you are only away for a week!

Dress for all round weather

Only pack clothing that you are going to be able to wear during your trip. If you aren’t planning on a fancy night out, do you really need to pack your suit?

Keep your clothing weather appropriate for your holiday destination and try to take enough clothes to cover you for your whole trip, no more!

Check the weather

Here in the UK, it can be quite difficult to accurately predict the weather, but we generally have a good idea of what the weather could possibly be like.

It’s always best to check the weather nearer the time of your holiday to get the best prediction for you to be able to pack accordingly. It’s always a safe bet to pack an umbrella –just incase.

If you are heading out on holiday, don’t let packing put you in a bad mood before you go. Being organised is the key to a happy holiday and getting the packing out of the way is the best way to start feeling excited about your get away.

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