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Prosecco? It’s the new black

By 16th December 2015 No Comments
With the festive celebrations in full swing, one question often asked of our bar and restaurant staff is “Which wine would you recommend?” Well. Since you’re asking…

Over the past 24 months Prosecco has increasingly become the new black. A sparkling wine from north-eastern Italy, Prosecco typically bursts with fruit flavours such as peach and pear, making it an easy drinking, fun and sociable wine.

Top of our list here at Crouchers you’ll find La Jara Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry. A brilliantly refreshing and fully sparkling organic Prosecco, this wine actually has the complexity and depth normally reserved for wines twice the price. It’s aromatic and velvety – in fact the Daily Telegraph has referred to it as Prosecco royalty.

Unlike many wines commonly on sale in the UK, La Jara Prosecco Spumante is a vegan wine .. made without animal products. It’s organically grown, and the care taken in growing the grapes is evident in the tasting of the final product.

A 125ml glass – £6.00
By the bottle – £24.00

We’d love you to give it a try.

Other wines available in our bar and restaurant can be found on our extensive wine list. Please click on the following link to our Bar webpage and scroll down to view.

*At this festive time we want you to have fun, but please drink responsibly – know your limits.