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Soup of the day: Gin and Tonic

By 31st October 2018 No Comments
How Gin could be the Tonic for your winter cold!

Whilst many boozy beverages such as red wine, beer and whiskey can worsen the winter sniffles, our trusty tart spirit trumps the rest this winter.

Unlike other alcoholic drinks, due to the process of distillation, gin in particular contains low levels of sulphites and histamines. Sulphites and histamines act as a trigger for allergies so sticking to a gin and tonic could be a god-send not only during winter, but all year round!

Give your G&T a fruity fix with an elderberry infused gin to wrap up those winter snuffles quicker. The quercertin and anthocyanins in elderberries have been proven to reduce the duration of the common cold by up to 2 days! These fruity little numbers also help to reduce the severity of symptoms, win – win!

Although sipping on a G&T won’t cure your symptoms altogether, it is your best option!

So, let’s raise a glass to the winter tonic: G&T!