An intimate affair – the advantages of a small wedding

By 1st September 2015 No Comments
All weddings at Crouchers Hotel are unforgettable, intimate occasions, with couples choosing to celebrate their marriage and future together with a special group of family and friends.

Small weddings have become our speciality with up to 100 guests most common, although more can be arranged. There may be fewer guests, but the day does not have to feel any less magical and all our weddings are uniquely handled throughout the planning process.

In fact, having a smaller number can provide you with a number of advantages:

  • It is much easier to create a guest list. With just close family present, only those who really want to celebrate the day with you are present.
  • You also have more control with a small wedding, although with our Wedding Coordinator on hand to assist, you are not left to organise everything yourself.
  • Finally, it can be less stressful with fewer guests and you can create a day that holds real meaning for you both.
  • Create more memories with your guests, and offer them a personal experience you cannot get with larger weddings. There is a real focus on the guest experience right now.
  • Speaking of romantic and spontaneous, why not invite friends and family over for a party and surprise them with a ceremony?

Small weddings can be beautiful and intimate. Crouchers has managed a wide variety of weddings so we can help and advise you on all aspects of your wedding and reception to ensure that it is planned and executed flawlessly. Not to mention, our award winning menu and our fantastic service set us apart from many.