Revival of the Fittest – one week to go!

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For historic motor racing enthusiasts in the UK and around the world, there is one weekend in the year which stands head and shoulders above the rest… the renowned Goodwood Revival weekend.

For anyone who doesn’t know, one weekend in September sees Goodwood Motor Circuit provide a magical step back in time with authentic motor racing, live music, vintage trade stalls, steam funfair, food & drink, and a good old-fashioned ambience. Walk through the gates during this weekend, and you will be transported back to the sights and sounds of a bygone era (from 1948-1966 to be precise, the period when Goodwood Motor Circuit was in use for competitive motor racing).

Many Revival visitors go to great lengths to dress in styles to reflect this period and achieve that authentic look. This provides a key role in making the Revival such a unique event. While you’re not required to dress up (unless you qualify for central Paddock access, in which a jacket and tie is necessary for gentlemen, and a dress or suit for the ladies), you’ll feel much more involved if you do. So make sure you dress up in your tweeds and trilbies, frills and frocks to fully immerse yourself in this nostalgic and bustling atmosphere, at the biggest and best motor racing party of the year.

For local suppliers of period clothing, shoes and accessories, check out the following businesses:

Vintage @Chi
2 St Martin’s Street
Chichester PO19 1NP

St Wilfrid’s Retro & Vintage Shop
11 Eastgate Square
Chichester PO19 1JH

Beyond the Fringe
21a The Hornet
Chichester PO19 7JL

Stephen Lawrence Clothing
Magnus Court, St Martin’s Street
Chichester PO19 1AF

The Goodwood Revival runs from Friday 11th through to Sunday 13th September.

Pitcure: Marcus Dodridge/Razzle Dazzle Promotions Ltd