We can promise you a rose garden!

By 1st March 2019 No Comments

Unlike Lynn Anderson, we can promise you a rose garden!

And not just a rose garden either! Our wonderful gardener Tim has been getting his hands dirty mapping out the fundamentals of our Potager Garden. Chilli houses, sweet pea alley and a herb garden are just a few exciting additions that Tim has in store for our Potager.

Potager is a French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. Often flowers (edible and non-edible) and herbs are planted with the vegetables to enhance the garden’s beauty. Our goal is to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs to create a true ‘farm to fork’ approach in our kitchen. There’s nothing better than knowing exactly where the ingredients used in the food you eat came from.

Last year we harvested a fantastic crop of cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes and more! This year we hope to be more self sufficient and our team of chefs will be showing off their culinary excellence by preparing the ingredients we harvest in an inventive and imaginative way for you to enjoy from your table in our Potager Restaurant!

Below you’ll find all the exquisitely intriguing details of the different areas of our garden-to-be;