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Something to squeak about

By 27th December 2018 No Comments

Bubble & Squeak – The traditionally English way of using left over vegetables from last night’s roast dinner to create a tasty and filling treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The dish is so named due to the cabbage bubbling and squeaking during the cooking process.

Here’s how our Head Chef cooks his Bubble & Squeak and we thought you might like to give it a go at home!

Ingredients for 2 people
100 – 200g potatoes (depending on how hungry you’re feeling)
50 – 100g vegetables
3 knobs of butter
Splash of white wine vinegar
2 eggs (if you’re topping your bubble & squeak with poached eggs)


  • Peel and cut potatoes into quarters and place in water to boil for 25mins.
  • If you’re not one to waste things and are using left-over vegetables, then feel free to put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa whilst the potatoes are cooking away!
  • Or if you’re cooking your vegetables from fresh you’ll need to do so whilst the potatoes cook. Our chefs favourites are red cabbage, onions, carrots and if you want to make it festive and seasonal, add some sprouts! Once cooked, drain and leave them to one side.
  • Once the potatoes are boiled, strain them and add a knob or two of butter and mash away. Depending on how you like your bubble and squeak, you can either mash the potatoes until smooth or leave a few lumps and bumps for added texture.
  • Mix your vegetables and mashed potato together and pat into patties.
  • Heat a frying pan and add a knob of butter to make sure the patties don’t stick. Pop your patties into your pan and fry until they’re golden brown.

Why not top your bubble and squeak with a poached egg?
Here’s how our head chef poaches eggs perfectly…

  • Heat a pot of water until it bubbles between simmering and boiling. Add a splash of white wine vinegar as this helps hold the whites of the egg together.
  • With a small metal spoon, swirl the water in the pot in large circular motions to create what our chef likes to call a ‘whirlwind of water’. As the water is swirling, crack your egg into it and watch as a beautifully poached egg forms.
  • Leave the egg to cook for exactly 3 and a half minutes and you’ll have a firm outside but deliciously runny middle.
  • Remove from the water and place on top of your bubble and squeak and you have one tasty brunch that’s probably Instagram worthy too!

If you give this a go at home, be sure to take a photo, post it on social media and tag us in them so we can see your take on the classic Bubble and Squeak.
Or, if you fancy bubble & squeak but don’t fancy making it yourself, you can find it on our New Year’s Day Brunch menuĀ here.